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EPS 3D Panels®

We are leading manufacturers of quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, which are factory engineered construction materials made from EPS that is sandwiched between two high tensile steel meshes.

We are licensed manufacturers of quality, KEBS certified EPS floor panels and wall panels (EPS 3D Panels).

Our panels are made from formed EPS blocks cut to desired panel dimensions using a CNC shape cutting machine and covered on either side with electro-welded high tensile steel wire mesh joined by steel wire connectors through the EPS panel core to form a three dimensional hyper static composite of steel mesh and EPS core.

EPS 3D Panels® have a minimum density of 15kg/m3 with double connectors and transverse steel mesh area of 101mm2/m; making them one of the most rigid and structurally sound panels in the market.

EPS 3D Panel system results in reduced concrete and steel reinforcement quantities thereby saving costs. EPS is light-weight, resulting in lower labour costs, formwork and construction time and, therefore, overall construction cost reduction.

We provide our customers with quality products and services as per their needs and shall be pleased to depute our application engineer to understand your requirement in depth and to offer you the best EPS product-related solutions.


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Our Strength

Below are some of the key factors that enable HHL to have a strong presence in the EPS construction sector in Kenya:-

  • Superior quality products
  • Wide experience in the use of EPS panels
  • Capacity to supply in bulk
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery


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EPS 3D Technology

Processing System

The rising cost of construction coupled with expensive cost of finance has made housing unaffordable to the majority of low and middle-income earners in Kenya. HHL has undertaken research on different low cost housing alternatives and identified use ofEPS 3D panels® as one of them. This is a revolutionary building technology that has already been implemented in other countries such as Italy, Mexico, Britain, Qatar, Nigeria, Mozambique and USA. It has growing potential in Kenya and its awareness expands to the masses. The technology involves using ready-made panels made of EPS form sandwiched between a galvanized steel wire mesh. EPS 3D wall panels can be used to build both structural and non-structural walls while EPS 3D floor panels can be used to construct ribbed slabs. EPS 3D panels are used as a substitute to traditional materials used in erecting walls, stairwells, floors and roofs.

On average,EPS 3D panels® can reduce construction costs and construction periods by up to 30% and 50% respectively. A standard three-bedroom house built using this technology will take up to three weeks to complete, exclusive of finishing.

Cost savings are largely achieved through reduced labour costs as construction time is reduced by up to 50%, less costs associated with price fluctuations of construction materials due to shorter construction time, less transport costs as one entire house can be delivered in a single lorry load and lower costs in wastage of construction materials because leftover EPS panels are recyclable.

The use of EPS technology is a recent phenomena which the construction industry is adopting in a bid to satisfy the rising demand for affordable houses in Kenya. According to Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), the annual demand for new houses is in excess of 150,000. Whereas the annual national output of new homes is about 60,000 houses. EPS use in construction is significantly helping to alleviate this deficit.

EPS’s greatest advantage is it’s light-weight nature which translates to lesser structural dead weights, thereby resulting in reduced steel reinforcement and concrete requirements for structures. Consequently, the overall construction costs are significantly lowered. Moreover, the low weight also speeds up the construction process and reduces the labour cost, ultimately making housing more affordable.

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We delight in the following products.

EPS3D Wall Panels

Standard panel size of 1200mm (width) x 3000mm (height) x Custom Thickness in mm ideal for Load bearing walls (internal or external) when shotcreted & Non-load bearing partition walls(internal) when plastered

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EPS 3D Floor Panels

Standard panel size of 1200mm (width) x 3000mm (height) Ideal for EPS ribbed floor slab and more

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More and more customers are embracing EPS 3D panels® for their construction projects.