EPS 3D Panels®

We are leading manufacturers of quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, which are factory engineered construction materials made from EPS that is sandwiched between two high tensile steel meshes.

We are licensed manufacturers of quality, KEBS certified EPS floor panels and wall panels (EPS 3D Panels).

Our panels are made from formed EPS blocks cut to desired panel dimensions using a CNC shape cutting machine and covered on either side with electro-welded high tensile steel wire mesh joined by steel wire connectors through the EPS panel core to form a three dimensional hyper static composite of steel mesh and EPS core.

EPS 3D Panels® have a minimum density of 15kg/m3 with double connectors and transverse steel mesh area of 101mm2/m; making them one of the most rigid and structurally sound panels in the market.

EPS 3D Panel system results in reduced concrete and steel reinforcement quantities thereby saving costs. EPS is light-weight, resulting in lower labour costs, formwork and construction time and, therefore, overall construction cost reduction.

We provide our customers with quality products and services as per their needs and shall be pleased to depute our application engineer to understand your requirement in depth and to offer you the best EPS product-related solutions.


Below are some of the key factors that enable HHL to have a strong presence in the EPS construction sector in Kenya:-

  • Superior quality products
  • Wide experience in the use of EPS panels
  • Capacity to supply in bulk
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery

Our EPS panels have a minimum density of 15kg/m3 with double connectors and transverse steel mesh area of 117mm2/m making them one of the most rigid and structural sounds panels in the market. 

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to be the best manufacturer and supplier of quality construction products  and services that outmatches customer needs in order to maintain high level customer satisfaction. 



Haven Heights Ltd’s EPS 3D Panel system is an innovative construction technology that results in reduced concrete quantities, structural reinforcement steel, labour costs, formwork and construction time and thus an overall cost reduction in overall construction costs. Our EPS production line incorporates the use of high – tech CE approved production machines with high production capacity and energy efficiency.

EPS Production Line

The EPS production line incorporates the following in the manufacturer of EPS Blocks:

  • Batch pre-expander
  • Features a fully automated PLC controlled pre-expander with a touchscreen, fluidized drying bed, automatic batching and weighing as well as fans for conveying to storage silos.
  • Block moulding machine
  • Uses vacuum support for feeding and is also fully automated with PLC controlled touch screen.
  • Produces blocks of dimensions 6.0m x 1.2m x 1.05m of 15 g/l density.  
  • 2D CNC shape cutting machine
  • Uses hot wire cutting technology and computer controlled mechanisms to cut blocks to any 2D shape as input by the operator. It is user friendly and utilizes AutoCAD software for profile design.
  • EPS recycling system
  • Comprises of a crusher, de-duster of mixer for complete recycling of EPS waste and scraps from the cutting process, thereby making the entire EPS production process very energy efficient and environmentally safe and friendly.
  • Auxillary equipment for EPS plant
  • This include a steam boiler, 15m3 steam storage tank compressor and 10m3 compressed air tank and EPS beads storage system.


EPS 3D Panels production line

  • Steel wire mesh welding machine
  • Has a production capacity of 60m2/hr with very high accuracy (longitudinal error of + 2mm/m).
  • Straight assembling 3D panel machine
  • Used for connecting top and bottom mesh to the EPS panel using double connectors of ultra high yield strength galvanized steel wires (to BS 4449 – 2000).
  • Has a production efficiency of 30m2/hr with a weld pull – off force of ≥ 680N for each spot.
  • It features automatic wire feeding and cutting system to lessen labour with advanced pre – perforation to reduce welding leakage.